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Fashion, Luxury and Design Law

Cabinet Bouchara & Avocats is well recognized for its expertise in the fashion, luxury and design sectors. This recognition is the result of the experience that the firm has acquired working with clients in contentious matters as well as in advising them on how best to protect their rights and creations.

Expertise in Fashion Law

Our specialist team in fashion law accompanies and advises many clients in the fashion industry throughout the creative process, from the first sketch of the design to its unveiling at fashion shows or stores.

The fashion industry is a highly competitive business in which the firm has developed an acute level of expertise that it offers to both international and French clients. Our lawyers anticipate what difficulties their clients may have to face and analyze the situations and risks that could arise in order to propose personalized and adapted legal solutions to different actors across the fashion industry.

At each stage during the creation of a design, the firm strives to defend the creator's rights and protect designers and companies from copyright infringement and the undermining of their creations, especially through counterfeit.

Our specialized team of lawyers aims to preserve the uniqueness of each design and creation of their clients to prevent their copyright, investment and reputation from being threatened.

Expertise in Luxury Law

The luxury sector is a highly-coveted one. Those involved in it are often subject to different claims and attacks from competitors. A luxury company's intangible assets must be protected and rigorously defended so that they can maintain their appeal.

Cabinet Bouchara & Avocats and its specialist lawyers in luxury law have acquired a profound knowledge of this area which allows our clients to benefit from tailor-made legal advice which is adapted to the specific nature of this unique industry.

A luxury trademark is the most powerful sign for a company involved in the luxury sector and so it must be protected from being generic or obsolete. Our firm accompanies clients to ensure that their luxury trademarks are protected in all the countries in which they are used. We also assist our clients in developing adapted strategies in relation to countries in which the company is not yet set up, allowing them to easily establish in these new countries.

Expertise in Design Law

In the past couple of years, design has become an indispensable marketing tool. Companies invest enormously in design to showcase their attractive and aesthetically unique creations. Design is the visual exterior of a product which at the same time guarantees the product’s origin and is an incentive for customers to purchase it.

It constitutes a true added value for companies, and as such, it is a strategic tool which must be protected. Our firm works with a variety of clients across different sectors involved to maintain and preserve the integrity and identity of each design.

Our firm and its team assist clients in each of their projects to preserve the confidentiality of the company’s designs from the moment of conception through to the manufacturing phase.

Our lawyers also advise on the best way to protect and defend designs thanks to their extensive knowledge especially in the fields of trademark law, copyright law and design law.