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personality rights

Personality rights are fundamental and inalienable rights inherent to the human person. They are defined as the rights which ensure the protection of individual personality attributes (private life, image and voice) and which guarantee individual integrity.

The main regimes protecting these rights are contained in Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, Article 8-1 of the European Convention on Human Rights, and Articles 9 and 16 of the French Civil Code. The right to respect of one’s private life requires a consistent balance between freedom of speech, freedom of media and the right of information. It is clear that this area of law has been considerably affected by the use of new technology like video surveillance and screening, as well as from the increasing accessibility of online publishing.

Requiring a high level of responsiveness, violations of personality rights often lead to specific claims, particularly summary proceedings claims.

Drafting and negotiation of contracts such as:

  • Agreements for the use of personality rights (voice, image, name etc.)
  • Agency agreements (booking agencies, modelling agencies, sports agencies.)

Representation in proceedings for putting an end to ongoing violations of private life or right to the image, in particular by means of summary proceedings across all platforms (e.g. social networks and blogs, newspapers and audiovisual resources).