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Press Review: ‘I love Paris’ has fallen into the public domain

By Anonymous writer - News

The slogans ‘I ♥ PARIS’ et ‘J ♥ PARIS’ now belong to everyone !

Following the trademark cancellation procedures brought by Paris Wear Diffusion and defended by Vanessa Bouchara, the Court of Appeal held in favour of the cancellation of the trademarks ‘I love Paris’ and ‘J’aime Paris’. This decision was upheld by the Court of Cassation on 6th January 2015 (for more details on this decision, see our article).

Laurent Zilberberg had held the monopoly to use the slogan since the 1980s. However, following the court’s decision above, it is now possible to take this slogan inspire by the famous ‘I Love New York’ slogan without running into any intellectual property issues.

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