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Décideurs Magazine - 2014 - Ranking of the Best Law Firms in Trademark and Design Law

Vanessa Bouchara’s firm Cabinet Bouchara & Avocats was recently ranked the second best law firm in the EXCELLENCE category of the magazine Décideurs

How the rankings work

The criteria for the rankings are:

  • fame and reputation of the establishment on the market
  • size of the team, seniority of the partners, managing directors and managers, as well as the amount of experience of its consultants or associates
  • quantity and quality of the cases handled by the establishment
  • prestige, diversity and international diversity of the clientele
  • growth of the team and turnover

The rankings are established through the help of these tools:

  • Questionnaire method: sent to establishments that already feature in the Décideurs rankings as well as those capable of entering them. They are also encouraged to put forth information regarding their organization, their track record and their market.
  • Qualitative method: moreover, the Décideurs team conducts several interviews. These interviews enable us to not only learn more about the establishments mentioned in the rankings, but also to evaluate the efficiency of the firms and their teams. The analysts and market directors also meet a number of clients (companies, funds, banks…), that have the opportunity to share their privileged point of view on the best actors and advice of the relevant market. This is an occasion for them to comment and bring unknown information and their advice.

Cabinet Bouchara & Avocats

The stance of the fir

Cabinet Bouchara & Avocats, created in 2005, is a law firm specialized in the field of intellectual property.

Notwithstanding its recent creation, the expertise of our firm is renowned. We are active members of several professional associations in intellectual property (APRAM, INTA, etc.), and we are featured in the rankings of the best French law firms specialized in intellectual property. Our firm practices in all areas of intellectual property law especially trademark law, authors’ rights, designs and domain names.

We represent our clients before trademark authorities and French courts.

  • Advice / Filing requests / Audits

We assist our clients and accompany them in their projects and filing requests, in order to determine and set upthe best strategy for protection of their intellectual property rights.

  • Litigation and arbitration in intellectual property matters

The main litigation that we have dealt with relates to the validity of intellectual property rights in the context of trademark infringement, design law, authors’ rights, unfair competition and free-riding.

  • Negotiating and drafting of contracts

Bouchara & Avocats also assists its clients in terms of the negotiating and drafting of contracts dealing with intellectual property (assignment contracts, licensing contracts for rights to intellectual property, and distribution contracts)  or artists’ image right.

  • Customs procedures

Our firm sets up customs surveillance measures, and coordinates this action with the French customs department. These different approaches allow the Bouchara & Avocats to offer its clients a truly global service in intellectual property. The most important thing for us is to always be responsive to our clients’ needs, and to offer them a quality of service which meets their expectations. Our clients who are both French and international companies, are mostly in the luxury, cosmetics, fashion and design industries. We also represent artists, photographers, databases for images, companies in the agriculture business, and a number of other companies in the service sector.

The firm's practice areas

Advice / Filing requests / Audits

  • Trademark law
  • Authors' rights & Copyright
  • Designs
  • Domain names
  • Audits

Litigation and arbitration in intellectual property matters

  • All areas of intellectual property law
  • Unfair competition

Negotiating and drafting of contracts

Customs procedures

Training for the marketing teams of our clients

Vanessa Bouchara's interview

We invite you to read the interview with Vanessa Bouchara conducted by Décideurs magazine for the 2014 edition of the Innovation Guide – Technology & Intellectual Property.

Décideurs. You will soon be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of your law firm. When you founded it, why did you choose to offer your clients advice on intellectual property litigation?

V.B. When the firm came about, we decided to offer our clients a service which would accompany them from the moment they began protecting their intellectual property assets (trademark filing, designs, surveillance etc.). This allows us to better represent them and defend them should litigation arise. To know a client’s strategic choices and be in contact them with them on a daily basis lets us handle their needs and litigation in a more efficient way. This ongoing relationship gives us the chance to anticipate and better understand what is at stake. It can also bring about a more effective way of securing their contracts

Décideurs. You have also just finished a book on Trademark Law and other intellectual property assets. Who is this book for?

V.B. This work is meant for entrepreneurs and company decision-makers. I co-wrote it with François Simoneschi, a specialist in franchising. It is written in a question-and-answer format which aims to make issues concerning intellectual property easier to deal with. To succeed on the market, you have to be different. This book was also written to raise awareness on how rights holders can protect and monitor their rights.

Décideurs. What type of litigation does your firm handle?

V.B. We deal with a lot of litigation relating to trademark law (degradation, annulment, infringement), but also a large number of matters involving authors’ rights and designs. We also often have cases dealing with matters of unfair competition involving intellectual property. Litigation in terms of intellectual property is fascinating because you must always be inventive, whether you’re representing the defendant or plaintiff, in order to convince the judge of the strength of your argument.

Décideurs. And what are the essential values of your firm?

V.B. For us, it is essential to establish a special relationship with our clients and to offer them an adapted and personalized service. We are committed to being extremely responsive, available and being well-informed of changes in legislation concerning intellectual property. We are members of several professional associations, French and international, namely the APRAM and INTA (International Trademark Association).

Décideurs. Have you received any awards?

V.B. We are indeed very happy that our values and the quality of our work have been  recognized by different publications such as the Legal 500 and even Décideurs . Moreover, we also had the honor of receiving the “Rising team – Trademarks” award, granted by the Law Trophy, and the award “Trademarks Law Firm of the Year in France” granted by Corporate INTL. These successes are rarely won by small teams such as ours.

Décideurs. And in terms of your team, how many lawyers are there?

V.B. There are three lawyers, two assistants and two interns, with complementary capabilities. Our functioning as a small team allows us to conceive and develop a strategy that is best adapted to each case.