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A lawyer is defined as a legal professional who is a member of a Bar association with rights of audience.

The role of a lawyer is to inform clients of their rights and obligations, steps and procedures as well as to advise, assist and represent their interests.

Lawyers can be general practitioners or they can choose to be specialists and work in a particular field. In intellectual property law, there are generally two types of specialties:

Intellectual property itself:

Patent law
Trademark law
Design law
Artistic and literary property law

New technology, IT and communication:

IT and Telecommunications law
Advertising law


Therefore, if you are looking for a lawyer specialized in advertising law, for example, you have to make sure that they are also qualified as a specialist in the law relating to new technologies, IT and communications. Similarly, for a lawyer specialized in trademark law, you would be better finding a law firm specialized in all areas of intellectual property law.

For intellectual property, lawyers generally choose to work in either:

  • Industrial property law which includes utility creations such as patents for inventions or a certificate for plant breeders’ rights. In this regard, it also includes a sui generis right of protection over these rights as well as protection over the distinctive signs used such as the commercial trademark, domain name or designation of origin.
  • Artistic and literary property law including authors’ rights and neighboring rights.

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